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Scuba Diving T-shirt Mokarran for Shark Education

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Scuba Diving T-shirt Mokarran for Shark Education


Mokarran is pleased to announce its first partnership with.... Shark Education!!!!! We thank Steven Surina for trusting us and we are delighted to be able to collaborate with this shark enthusiast. We share the same philosophy of the oceans: "OCEANS BELONG TO THEM". For those who don't know "Shark Education"
For those who don't know "Shark Education"



The objective of Shark Education is to train divers to dive with sharks, in the form of a seminar where Steven teaches, in a theoretical way, the factors that influence an encounter and how to interpret the behaviour of the shark. The knowledge and experience gained contributes to adopting the right conduct/approach in subsequent encounters with sharks. "No longer see a shark, but dive with it."

Note: Shark Education is an independent organization, not linked to Dr. Erich Ritter's Shark School. Each of the organisms has its own method of studying the interaction between Divers and Sharks, and are not associated in any way.

Realizing that it is possible to interact with sharks, participants discover a new image of them. The psychological affection of having experienced a privileged moment of extreme intensity with a shark encourages and leads divers to plead not only for their cause, but also to make them informed ambassadors capable of transmitting the torch.




Shark Education offers training in the form of seminars all over the world. You can experience diving with different shark species depending on the destination.

Based on the observation of different shark species, the study will be conducted through daily conferences illustrated with photos and videos. The practice will take place during immersions in situations. The knowledge and experience gained will contribute to understanding shark approaches and adopting the right behaviours to better interact with them; and ultimately, become a competent representative and advocate for their cause. The topics covered will be:

- Biology of sharks.

- Identity card for local species.

- Fashion, lifestyle habits and reputation.

- Shark ethics in the presence of divers.

- Body language, types of swims.

- Recommendations, risks, protection and preservation.



The local income generated by these trips enhances the value of sharks to local communities: the economic value of a living shark compared to a fished shark makes sense. The economic benefits of tourism and shark tourism are pushing governments to protect them and create marine reserves and sanctuaries.

To put it simply, the act of diving with sharks protects them. An additional opportunity for Shark Education to bring to its scale, in addition to education, one more argument for the protection of sharks.

Shark Education offers a unique personalized diving experience with sharks. Steven can help you plan and execute your shark diving experience, ensuring that you are in the right place, at the right time, with the best chance of successfully meeting the shark of your choice.

In collaboration with centres and partners based all over the world, their specialities are:



- Grands requins blancs (Afrique du Sud et Mexique)

- Requin tigre ( Afrique du Sud et Bahamas)

- Requin marteau halicorne (Égypte et Soudan)

- Requin océanique (Égypte)

- Requin soyeux (Soudan et Philippines)

- Grand requin marteau (Bahamas)

- Requin bouledogue ( Mozambique et Mexique)

- Requin renard pélagique ( Égypte et Philippines)

- Requin baleine (Maldives, Philippines et Djibouti)

Shark Education sets standards and recommendations endorsed by the International Charter of Responsible Shark Ecotourism. During these dives, we seek to reduce the impact we have on sharks and their environment, to educate divers about their behaviour and the threats they face.
Shark Education is active in several research, awareness and conservation projects involving sharks and rays from around the world.

Text: Shark Education

To be found on the website: http://www.sharkeducation.com/


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