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The time has come to demonstrate that you are an advocate for the Oceans

Scuba Diving T-shirts Men Crew Neck

Scuba Diving T-shirts Women Scoop neck

  • "Oceans belong to them"


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Facebook reviews

  • Gérard Blain

    A great brand with high quality products! Top team. I highly recommend it.

    Gérard Blain
  • Virginie Mougel

    Magnificent creations for all enthusiasts

    Virginie Mougel
  • Béa

    A superb brand and impeccable product quality. Moreover, the team is really very kind. Thank you again Mokarran for the diversity of your models, you have some very beautiful creations. I highly recommend and have already converted more than one in my club:) Sincerely.

  • Corine Gayet

    I admire their team spirit. It makes me want to wear Mokaran clothes


    Corine Gayet
  • Ana Duchiron

    A top brand innovative and dynamic! Quality products, original and very attractive for those who are fascinated by the underwater world! Thanks to Mélo and Vincent, your chemistry is a winner

    Ana Duchiron
  • Jérôme Le Roux

    Very very attractive brand and in addition with very beautiful messages........ Top notch!

    Jérôme Le Roux
  • Elsie Collet

    Mokarran brings out a very unique mindset inspired by Vincent and Mélo, the brand’s innovative creators who are passionate divers as well as shark and sea lovers.  Their designs are beautiful:  obviously, since they are inspired from some of the best photographs taken by Vincent, who is a talented professional photographer.
    Being a Mokarran fan from the beginning, I have ordered from them on a regular basis : T-shirts for men and women, tank tops, jackets , bikinis…The quality is always there, novelty items are constantly featured and I’ve never been disappointed…It must be said that Mélo provides an extremely professional service , always doing everything in her power to fulfill your demands : Trying is adopting!!

    Elsie Collet
  • Mathieu Kohlmuller

    Fantastic products, very comfortable to wear and great designs…In addition, the service is excellent, thank you!

    Mathieu Kohlmuller
  • Mylène Netange

    Many thanks to Mokarran for their professionalism and kindness! Very nice new line of tess  👌🏾🧜♀♀💕


    Mylène Netange